Loving God, serving our neighbours


The PCC operates through a number of committees and staff teams that meet between full meetings of the PCC.   Shown diagrammatically, these are:

Organisational Chart from June 2019

The main committees and teams are:

Standing Committee 

The Standing Committee is responsible for ‘carrying out the PCC’s business between meetings’. It is comprised of the Rector, Churchwardens, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-Chair of the PCC and one member of the PCC (currently Hilary Deadman), who might reasonably be expected to have a good collective grasp of the mind of the PCC on policy issues. With a smaller number of members (than a full PCC) it is also able to discuss and agree action more efficiently.

The Standing Committee therefore acts as an administrative bridge between the PCC and its other working groups and committees. The Standing Committee can take action, and approve expenditure which falls within the clear policy and budgetary framework set by the PCC.

The Standing Committee reports its decisions to the PCC, through minutes of Standing Committee meetings. However, these are intended to primarily inform the PCC of what actions have been taken in the name of the whole PCC. Decisions of the Standing Committee, taken under already agreed budgetary and policy guidelines are treated as having the full authority of the PCC.

However, should the whole PCC disagree with the actions of the Standing Committee, the PCC can through motion and vote reverse a decision, or agree/set a new policy.

Worship Committee 

The Worship Committee is responsible for organising and ordering the Parish’s worshipping life. It is tasked with remaining alert to the spiritual needs of the parish, and of responding to those needs creatively and prayerfully, within budgetary provision and policies set by the PCC.

The Committee is supported by a number of sub-groups, teams and individuals, including:

 Servers Team

 Ministry Team (licensed clergy and readers)

 Discipleship Team

 Pastoral and Stewarding Team

The Worship Committee is responsible, with its sub-groups for taking forward the first two areas of focus of the Mission Development Plan – namely ‘Worship & Service’ and ‘Discipleship & Encouragement’

Members: Canon Tom Kennar  (Rector)Clive Barnett (Churchwarden),  Michael Fluck (Reader), Sandra Haggan (Reader)Graham Kidd (Musical Director), Michael Laird, Sybel Laird, Nick Saunders, Bruce Strugnell (Head Server).

Finance Committee  

The Finance Committee holds a watching brief over the financial arrangements of the parish (including the proper handling of monies received and paid).   Supported by a salaried Finance Officer, it meets on an ad-hoc basis to review such arrangements and make recommendations to the Standing Committee.  The Standing Committee is responsible for proposing and monitoring the annual budget.

Members: Treasurer, Rector, Roger Simmons, Barbara Stearne,  Bruce & Mary Strugnell, Alan Hakim (Stewardship Secretary), Church Wardens.

Communications Team

The Communications Team is responsible for ensuring that good communication is at the heart of our parish’s life. To do this, they use tools such as the Parish Website, a Facebook page, notice boards and signage.

Members: Colin Carter (Chair), Rector, Hilary Deadman, Pauline West, Geoff Porter, Marion Porter.

The Pallant Buildings Development Team (PBDT)

By approving this Mission Development Plan, the PCC has committed itself to restoring (where appropriate) and maintaining our community buildings for the benefit of the whole parish. The Pallant Buildings comprise the Church Hall, Church House and the ‘Coach House’ with their associated gardens and car park. To ensure that the huge task of redeveloping these buildings is taken forward with energy and vision, the PCC has established a new Team with specific responsibility for this task.

The PDBT is responsible for delivering paragraphs E10 to E13 of the Mission Development Plan. They will be supported by a new part-time post of Parish Development Officer.

The PBDT works with the BMC to continually improve the already existing facilities – including especially toilets, catering and storage facilities.

The PBDT will be responsible for designing, proposing (to the PCC) and then executing solutions for the long term future of these buildings.

The PBDT will be advised and supported in its work by another new group – the ‘Hall Users Group’ – made up of representatives of all organisations who currently use our public facilities on a long-term basis. This group will offer critique, ideas, and (we hope) additional resources to drive forward a significant improvement and development programme.

Members: Colin Hedley (Chair), Rector,  Clare Kennar (Secretary), Sandra Haggan, Jackie Udy, Will Coulston (Pallant Centre Manager), Kevin West (Capital Programme Manager).

The Church-Yard Development Team (CYDT)

Reports to: Church Development Team, then Standing Committee.

The CYDT is responsible for delivering paragraphs D2 and D3 of the Mission Development Plan, through the development of ideas, proposal to the PCC and then overseeing action. They may also assist the CDT in the delivery of paragraphs E6 and E7.

Members: Mike Fluck (Chair), Colin Hedley, John Sawtell, Jim McNaught-Davis

Servers’ Team

The team provides assistance to the clergy.

Members:  Sandra Haggan, Bruce Strugnell (Head Server), Nicholas Saunders, Clare Stokes, Mary Strugnell, Claire Toole, Paul Utting, Colin Warlow, Stephen Whitcombe.

Pastoral Care Committee 

Supports those in any kind of pastoral needs.  Assists in the visitation of those preparing for Holy Baptism and Holy Marriage.  Offers care to the bereaved.

Members:  Julie Hancock (Co-ordinator), Penny Britt, Nina Hartley, Hilary Deadman, Sandra Haggan, Sybel Laird, Lindie Sawtell, Barbara Stearne, Colin Warlow.