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Portsmouth History Centre is the Diocesan Record Office for the Anglican Diocese of Portsmouth and holds registers of parishes in the deaneries of Gosport, Fareham, Havant and Portsmouth.  The earliest and latest dates of registers from each church are given in a table; please note that there may be gaps in coverage between the dates shown. Detailed catalogues listing the records that have been deposited from St. Faith’s, Havant, are available in the History Centre under the reference number CHU38. 

The Parish Registers website is:


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HAVANT St Faith.  The earliest and latest dates of registers held are:

BAPTISMS:  1653-JUN 1986

MARRIAGES:  1654-OCT 1987

BURIALS:  1654-1936.  The churchyard was closed in 1854 (but see Burials at New Lane below)

BANNS:  1813-JUN 2001

Registers from the end-dates listed are kept in the parish.  Copies can be made of register entries, for set fees that are available on the ‘Archbishop’s Council’s Table of Fees’ found at this link: https://www.churchofengland.org/weddings-baptisms-funerals/fees.aspx



The final versions of  burial transcripts for 1851-1936 at the Havant Cemetery in New Lane are shown below.  These are filed in The Spring Research Room and published on the FreeReg website (https://www.freereg.org.uk/) and are with David Deadman (diha@deadman.myzen.co.uk) who maintains a register of St. Faith’s materials.  Hugh Owen (023 9247 1204) has genealogical experience and can be contacted for queries or assistance with parishioners own research.

Havant Burials Introduction

1851-1854 REVISED AUGUST 2019 surname index

1851-1854 REVISED JULY 2019 register sort

1854-1895 surname index

1854-1895 register sort

1895-1936 surname index – revised August 2019

1895-1936 register sort – revised August 2019



Whilst these records are not from parish registers they will, nevertheless, contain many residents who were parishioners so they may be of interest.  

Havant Municipal Burials 1895-2006 preface

Havant Municipal Burials 1895-2006 register sort

Havant Municipal Burials 1895-2006 surname index