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Do you enjoy singing? Choir-music notes

Choir-RSCMSt. Faith’s Church Choir is a friendly, mixed group of singers, affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM). This enables us to follow the “Voice for Life” training scheme – see below.

The Choir leads the singing at the 9.30am weekly service. This is usually a sung Eucharist in which an anthem is included.  When available, Choir members will also sing at 6pm Evensong. There are also occasional weddings and funerals, at which Choir attendance is requested.

The main weekly (Friday) rehearsal starts at 6.30pm and lasts just over an hour There is also a short rehearsal at 9.10am on Sundays just prior to the Eucharist to run through the anthem and other music as necessary. In effect this forms a “team bonding” vocal warm-up, and the resulting high choral standard can be very rewarding.

In return for regular commitment to the Choir, members have the opportunity from time to time to attend RSCM events; in 2013 we held a choral workshop of our own with an outside choir director. Younger members (of school age) receive a small financial allowance, the amount of which depends on seniority and rehearsal/service attendance (plus a special fee for weddings/funerals).

If you feel that Choir membership might be for you (or anyone else you know), do please speak to the Rector or our Musical Director. You can be assured of a warm welcome.

For further details contact our Rector, Canon Tom Kennar on 07881 025592 or our Musical Director, Graham Kidd at music@stfaith.com.

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September 2013


Voice for Life Training Scheme


Voice for Life is an RSCM training scheme that provides a framework for the development of musical skills/understanding. It is based around the use of the voice and includes posture, how music “works”, repertoire and the relevance of Choir membership. There are five levels represented by colours, and each has to be passed before one can progress to the next one.

The white level provides an introduction; it is the preparatory stage that needs to be completed ahead of admission to full Choir membership. It contains hints and a few exercises to enable the singer to work towards a set of targets. The topics include how to breathe, stand/sit and hold music while singing. Letter names and duration of notes, reading a musical score and a little aural work are also covered.

Of course the targets for each level – white, light blue, dark blue, red and finally yellow – become more challenging and extensive as the singer progresses “up the ladder”. Upon completion of the yellow level the singer should have become quite an expert: singing with a wide variety of tones with good diction, wide repertoire knowledge, and technical aspects of music including all key signatures, types of scale, intervals, cadences and chord inversions are all studied.

So, in return for regular Choir membership – plus a small financial allowance for juniors – you can receive extensive musical tuition through VFL, indeed the allowance increases as you progress. Members are entitled, when robed, to wear a coloured ribbon to represent the level reached. Where else could you actually be paid as a member of a “team” to study musical rudiments or singing?