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Links Abroad

St. Faith’s has two links abroad: the Inter-Diocesan West Africa Link (IDWAL) with St. John the Divine, Nsawam, Ghana, and with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) church in Sendai, Japan.

Inter-Diocesan West Africa Link

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Several churches in the Portsmouth Diocese have an IDWAL link parish in Ghana.  These links have been very successful in strengthening the bonds of friendship and understanding between fellow Anglicans from very different cultures and in supporting one another in our common faith.

St. Faith’s has a link with the church of St. John the Divine in Nsawam that is in the Diocese of Kofuridua, Ghana, and a warm relationship is developing between the two churches.

St. John’s former priest, Fr. Felix Annancy, who trained in the UK, visited St. Faith’s and preached here in 2005.

Visits to Nsawam have also been made by members of St. Faith’s and representatives attended the 90th Anniversary celebrations at St. John the Divine in November 2007. Their  visit reports can be viewed here:

Visit to Ghana – Pam Le Goaziou – 2004 & 2005

Visit to Ghana – Mike & Ann Fluck – 2006 & 2007

St. John the Divine’s churchwardens visited Havant in 2008 with the support of IDWAL and fund-raising by St. Faith’s congregation.  A programme of activities and visits gave them an opportunity to get to know members of our church, join us in worship and learn something of life in this part of England.  Their visit has been very successful in strengthening the bond between our churches.

Missionaries in Sendai, Japan


Details of Rod and Glenda Thomas, OMF Missionaries in Sendai, Japan can be found here: