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Saint Faith


Situated in one of the blocked doorways in the church is a statue depicting our patron St Faith.

Statue of St. Faith of Aquitaine

The child martyr Faith stands among a glorious company of martyrs from Agen in Aquitaine, France.

The Christians suffered in persecution of the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 3rd and 4th centuries. He threatened death to all Christians who would not worship the heathen gods, and the Christians of Agen fled to the hills. Bishop Caprasius went with them to protect and minister to his flock.

So the glory of leading the forlorn hope of Agen fell on Faith, still but a child; for God chooses the weak of this world to confound the things that are mighty.

Left in Agen whilst the other Christians had taken refuge among the rocks, she was summoned before Diocletian, and signing herself with the cross she prayed “Jesus Christ, my Lord, Thou never forsakest those who call upon Thee. Help thy servant, and send my lips words worthy of the questions I have to answer before the tyrant”. She listened fearlessly to Diocletian’s threats of death, and looking to heaven she said in a clear strong voice, “In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord, not only will I not sacrifice to your gods but I am ready to suffer all kinds of torments”. So she was stretched on the fiery bed of torture.

The people were touched with pity to see a young and noble maiden tortured and suffering courageously, and that day an unknown multitude, who confessed the faith of Jesus Christ, received the palm of martyrdom.

The Patronal Festival of St. Faith, Virgin & Martyr is celebrated on 6 October.