Loving God, serving our neighbours

PCC Policies

This is a list of all PCC (Parish) Policies and Key Strategic Documents.  They are kept here as a reference for all PCC Members and Senior Staff, and for general accountability to the Parish.

Operational Policies

Last Recorded Review Intended Review Date Responsible PCC Member Key consultatee during reviews
Admission to Communion 2021 (April) Emily Ashworth Rector
Appraisal (Revised 2021) Aug 2021 2023 (August) Clive Barnett Rector
Complaints Feb 2021 2021 (December) Barbara Stearne Rector
Conflict of Interest 2022 (February) Sue Tinney Rector
Data Protection 2022 (February) (Vacant) Parish Secretary
Equalities Policy Statement Feb 2021 2022 (June) Barbara Stearne Rector
Extra-Parochial (Outward) Giving 2022 (April) (Vacant) Rector
Finance – inclduing Debit Card Useage, PCC Guidance,  and Reserves Policy April 2021 2022 (April) Treasurer (Vacant) Finance Manager
Grievances 2022 (April) Bill Jones Rector
Health & Safety 2021 (June) (Vacant) Operations Manager
Legacies 2022 (April) Treasurer (Vacant) Rector
Risk Management 2022 (June) Colin Hedley Operations Manager
Safeguarding 2021 (December) Sandra Haggan Rector
Social Media 2021 (October) Naomi Sloane Rector
Staff Compensation (with 2019 rates) 2021 (April) Treasurer (Vacant) Finance Manager
Volunteer (Charity Shop) 2021 (October) Hilary Deadman Charity Shop Manager
Whistleblowing 2022 (June) Michael Laird Rector

Key Strategic Documents

Constitutional Position 2015 When/if needed Tom Kennar Churchwardens
Mission Plan 2020 – 2025 Annually, for APCM Tom Kennar Churchwardens
Pallant Plan – the Way Ahead 2018 Finalised
Property Summary 2018 2023 Will Coulston Rector
Spiritual Development Plan 2018 Finalised
Re-ordering Plan (2017) Finalised