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Turret Clock

Assembled in the Havant Museum - 2009
Assembled in the Havant Museum – 2009


The turret mechanism by J W Benson of London was installed at St Faith’s Church around 1860 when the tower of the church was rebuilt.  In 1975 it was considered to be too unreliable for modern purposes and was replaced. A local architect, Mr. T K Makins FRIBA, rescued the mechanism together with the weights, pendulum, leading off rods and a pair of the original hands.  He kindly donated it in 1988 to Hampshire County Museum Service and conservators from Hampshire Museums and Archives Service painstakingly restored it where it can be seen in “The Spring“, which is the new name for Havant Arts Centre and Havant Museum.

The current clock was installed late-1989 and commissioned in January 1990.  It has an inter-linked electrically operated striking system which incorporates night silencing.

Turret Clock

Clock Face

The clock faces were cleaned in June 2005 – this is the East face

Clock Face Cleaning - June 2005

The clock faces were cleaned in August 2016 – this is the North face

tower - north

The East and South faces were removed for cleaning and painting – the faces are 5ft (152cm) in diameter

clock faces - east_south